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Finnish art

Innoliikelahja - Inno business gift 

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Finnish art and paintings from little eastern finnish art gallery.
We send art and gifts all over the world.
Little art and design shop from Finland.
Finnish art , design and paintings  from North Europa, Finland.

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InnoBusinessGift provides and send finnish art all over the world. In our gallery we have many paintings from famous finnish artist, most Juhani Palmu. His fine terragraphic-, serigraphic-, litographic-, graphicworks and oil paintings are very Finnish, exspecially beautifull nordic sceneries.

We can send by post easily different J. Palmus papergraphic all over the world inside of paper card roll. Its easy and economy! PAintings we send by post with international Express parcel - quick and safe.

We have also  art works from our own area, East-Finlands artist like Maisa Lamas, Marie Pljuskova, Mari Kekäläinen. You can look every artists own works in our category sides; Tuotteet/Taide 

If you are interested about our art, paintings, design or gifts, you can send message with e-mail; info@innoliikelahja.fi

Looking forward succesful cooperation!

Helena Pitkänen

Innoliikelahja / Inno business gift



We have new photobank, where you can buy photos: www.innokuva.fi


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